McAfee, why do you still exist?

Okay, this post is less formal or interesting than usually, I just want to express the hate and rage I have against McAfee.

Dear McAfee, an anti-virus follows one simple concept: while you're installed, keep the computer safe. If you want the user to pay for it, fine. But an anti-virus is not about BLOATING THE USER'S COMPUTER IF HE DOESN'T PAY . So far, with friends and family computers, I've noticed several way you use to fuck up people's computer:

  1. Hook when Windows loads a driver, and insert a huge fucking delay in it. Plug something, and the computer freezes for few seconds. GREAT.
  2. Make the computer slow as fuck. Just launch 4 threads doing an infinite loop. Amazing, uh?
  3. Fuck Windows up so that users cannot access http websites, only https.

Do you have McAfee on your computer? Just fuckin' remove it. Never ever pay for those crooks.

Have you witnessed other ways McAfee just fucks you up? Please leave a comment, I'll add them to the list.